CBN for Sleep : Our New Favorite Cannabinoid

Sleep tincture 1500

As a society, we’ve been giving all of our focus and interest to CBD and THC over the other cannabinoids, especially over the last few years. 

To be fair, the list of reported benefits of those two compounds is as impressive in its line items as it is exciting in its potential for human and animal welfare. If you have yet to try a cannabis-derived product to address an ailment ranging from anxiety to neuropathy and beyond, there has perhaps never been a better time to do so.

And though THC and CBD are the advertised cannabinoids on the labels of your favorite elixir or dessert, there are over 100 known cannabinoids offered by the cannabis plant, leaving many worth exploring.

Your New Favorite Cannabinoid (Probably): CBN

Take CBN, for example. CBN (also known as cannabinol) is a non-intoxicating compound that is created from the decomposition of THC thanks to age and/or oxidation; that means we can find it in higher amounts as a plant grows older (or flowers sit around the house for a while). It’s one of the most common cannabinoids behind CBD, CBG, and THC, and is a welcome inclusion to any full-spectrum extract thanks to its ability to boost the effects of those fellow compounds.

Lab-reported Cases: CBN For Sleep Uses for CBN

Not only is CBN a team player, it’s been shown to possess a handful of helpful properties on its own, including a relaxing sedative effect to help with sleep. We’re so excited about its potential, that we just introduced our Sleep 1200mg Tincture with a 5:1 ratio of CBD:CBN as well as Chamomile extract. CBN has also shown impressive antibacterial might against strains of MRSA, potential to delay the onset of ALS in rodents, an ability to boost the appetite, and may even be a reliable way to ease the pain of arthritis once more research has been done. 

Is It Worth Trying?

If you love the way CBD or THC have improved your way of life, you may want to include more cannabinoids like CBN in to your regimen to experience what some people report to feel; the “entourage effect” of amplified relief thanks to one cannabinoid due to the presence of others. Fortunately, there are CBN-rich extracts that have come to market recently and plenty of full-spectrum CBD goodies with a bit of CBN in the mix. You could even tuck away some Hemp flowers for a rainy day and let the trace amount of THC evolve into CBN before finally enjoying it.

No matter what combination of cannabinoids makes your body and mind feel a bit more balanced, it’s inspiring to realize all of the great uses we’re finding for them. Considering the undeniable reality that cannabis legalization is finally sweeping across the United States, there’s reason to believe our discoveries have only just begun.