Hana Tonic Relief Shot


Give Natural Wellness A Shot! Hana Tonic is crafted with organic ingredients to ease nausea, aid digestion, and promote daily wellness.

Hana Tonic ginger shots uses a proprietary blend of the best ingredients to help ease nausea, naturally. Whether you’re encountering motion sickness, morning sickness, digestive issues, or just want to take a daily wellness shot, this powerhouse tonic of ginger, b-vitamins, and a refreshing kick of cayenne, will have you feeling your best.

The Health Enthusiast
The benefits of Hana Tonic go far beyond occasional nausea relief. By incorporating our delicious blend of powerful ingredients like ginger, lemon, pineapple, and cayenne into your regular health regime, you can ensure every day is off to a great start.

The Mom-To-Be
Did you know over 70% of women experience morning sickness during pregnancy? Morning sickness can strike day or night, and severely impact what should be a special time. Hana Tonic offers drug-free relief so you can enjoy your pregnancy journey.

The Traveler
Never let nausea ruin your day again. Whether you’re traveling by boat, car, plane, helicopter…you name it! Hana Tonic delivers natural motion sickness relief quickly so you don’t miss another adventure.

The Hana Tonic mission is to offer drug-free relief for nausea associated with motion sickness and morning sickness, so you can get on the road to relief. Co-founder Renee grew up on the island of Maui, Hawaii, and was inspired to create a natural anti-nausea solution after struggling with motion sickness on the infamous winding road to her hometown of Hana.

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