Hemp Soap, Shampoo Bar & Scrub Glove Gift Box


Wrapped and Ready to Give!

Mild High Soap Bar
This organic bar smells heavenly! It contains cold-processed hemp seed oil, which is rich in a number of nutrients including antioxidants and vitamins A & E to name a few. Plus, all this nourishment has a wonderful anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin with an essential oil blend of oatmeal milk and honey cybilla.

Hemp Shampoo Bar
Formulated with organic hemp seed oil, this shampoo bar deeply moisturizes both hair and scalp with a thick sudsy lather while the ingredients impart a multitude of fantastic benefits.

Hemp Scrub Glove
Plastic-free eco-friendly 100% organic hemp scrub glove for a glowing body head to toe. This useful and ingenious reversible all natural organic hemp scrub glove features an exfoliating scrubbing action on the textured hemp knit side and a gentle scrubbing action on the smooth hemp woven side. Wet glove and apply the mild high organic soap and scrub away!
Measures 6.5″ x 9.5″.

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