Herbal Bath Salts with Organic Herbs & Flowers


Simple. Clean. Natural.

Choose from 3 botanical blends made with epsom salt, organic flowers & herbs, pure essential oils.

Revive | Relax | Seduction

Seduction Bath Soak
A sensual blend of Epsom salt, dried rose petals, rose oil, jasmine, and ylang-ylang. Awaken your inner goddess with a floral and feminine scent that nourishes the skin.

Revive Bath Soak
A revitalizing blend of Epsom salt, dried lavender, eucalyptus herbs, and natural oils. Take a moment to recharge with the cooling and comforting scents of stress-reducing botanicals.

Relax Bath Soak
A soothing blend of Epsom salt, dried lavender, chamomile herbs, and natural oils. Wind down for restful sleep with a gentle and calming fragrance to help quiet the mind.

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