Kaya Candle Tin



6oz tin made in USA, Candle hand-poured locally in Arizona

Available in two delicious all-natural scents:

Cannabis & Agarwood
Exotic woods, seductive amber with a hint of seductive hemp—perfect for cozy nights and lazy days!
Top: Cantaloupe, Cannabis
Middle: Cannabis, Hemp Seeds
Base: Musk, Amber, Eastern Cedar
Contains Essential Oils of Cedrus Atlantica from Morocco

Indica Kush & Violet Resin
Bright floral resins, a hit of kush with a hint of spice—perfect for the Holidays!
Top: Moroccan Mint
Middle: Anise, Geranium
Base: Cinnamon, Cannabis, Rhubarb
Contains Essential Oils of Patchouli from Indonesia, Rosemary from Spain, Cedarwood from USA, and Guaicwood from Paraguay