Light Organic Wrap–Hemp Baby Carrier


These handmade organic hemp/cotton wraps are so light you can almost see through them but the fabric is strong enough to hold a toddler. The organic cotton jersey adds softness and just the perfect amount of stretch.

These are perfect for newborns—who often get lost in the fabric of a heavier wrap!

Good also for hot weather or for those of you who get easily over heated.

Wraps are the most versatile baby carriers out there. One size fits most all, an endless amount of carries are possible, and they last from birth to toddler age.

Why Hemp? The material is durable, breathable, super soft, and good for the planet! Hemp is one of the most eco-friendly materials you can find!

Length: 195-200″
Width: 18-20”

Machine wash cold water, separately. Hang to dry.

DISCLAIMER* Materials are cut and sewn by hand, so slight variations in length and width may occur. The color may appear slightly different than what you see on your screen.

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