Rumi Pocket Book & Palo Santo Cones with Ceramic Dish


Handcrafted Ceramic Dish
Use this gorgeous piece to burn our Palo Santo Cone Incense, and immediately feel yourself relax, as the incredible aroma fills the air and negative energy dissipates. This versatile piece can also double as a beautiful jewelry dish, for your favorite earrings or rings. Available in three colors: Desert, Ocean and Sunset.

Palo Santo Incense Cones
These cones are ethically sourced from Peru, this palo santo has been aging for 3-7 years, concentrating all of the natural oils into each cone. Each beautiful box contains 6-12 cones (depending on size), sealed to preserve freshness, and a little card on how to burn. Each cone should be lit for no more than five seconds, then allowed to fully burn (about 20-30 minutes).

The Pocket Rumi
Selected from his most-loved works, this book contains the very best of Rumi’s poetry in superb translation. By turns soaring, inspiring, lyrical, entertaining, and always full of profound guidance, Rumi’s transcendent words penetrate to the very depths of one’s heart, offering eloquent expression for what lies there.