The Permaculture Book of DIY


Over 20 practical DIY projects that anyone can do on the smallest of budgets. From pallet furniture and a cider scratter and press, to a self-watering bed and a wind turbine. An excellent gift for any DIYers!

The book is user-friendly and encouraging in a way that even the least handy amongst us could end up building something that they didn’t think they were capable of. Just imagine the satisfaction of building your own garden furniture / hot tub / rocket stove / natural paints / natural swimming pool / shave horse / wind turbine (from a bicycle wheel) / container garden / pizza oven / solar food dryer / geodesic greenhouse and more, all from recycled materials, and maybe from that stuff that’s filling up your shed because ‘it might come in handy one day’. Well, that day might be here.

Dave Darby is the founder of and a director of the Ecological Land Co-op

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